Marketing / Brand Development Advisory

‘The art of marketing is the art of brand building. If you are not a brand you are a commodity. The price is everything and the low cost producer is the only winner.” Philip Kotler

WorkSpaces provides a unique marketing and brand development service for our clients that significantly challenges the usual parameters laid out by an otherwise traditional marketplace. The true power of marketing and branding is used very ineffectively in the commercial crowd gathering space but it is as vital to the success of the host business . We design approaches  and target our client using the most socially available campaigns that give  a unique selling propositionto our hosts.You soon begin to see what it means in your volumes and numbers once you partner with us! We don’t sell bricks and mortar, we sell a story and it’s extremely powerful working model based on true challenges for the private sector. We put people to creative work while unlocking thier desired potentials.

Rather than simply provide a brief to a marketing agency, WorkSpace collaborate in a 50/50 partnership with our hosts. There is no need for further unnecessary costs to work with’s about work culture mindset. Every step of the marketing and branding program is tailored to suit the subject property and business  and aligned to create a cut through population drive from the untapped market.

WorkSpaces produce many of the marketing and branding solutions themselves and the consultants bring them to life. Marketing consultants are not only commercial agents, they are social agents too and their output is significantly enhanced by our approach. Business or building owners that see marketing and branding as a driver of sales rather than a cost centre can expect to see a significant increase in the level of tenant demand at their properties.